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Website Transformation: Evolving Cannabis Website from B2B to B2C

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UX Design
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Project Background

Project Overview

The primary objective of this project is to facilitate Loosh Brands' transition from a Business-to-Business (B2B) platform to a Business-to-Consumer (B2C) platform. This strategic shift is aimed at enabling a broader customer base, particularly those who are not familiar with cannabis products, to more easily comprehend and access Loosh Brands' offerings.

Company Background

Loosh Brands produces and collaborates with industry leading products and influencers, promotes the cannabis culture and lifestyle with thought leadership and educational support.

Problem Summary

Loosh Brands' website currently features limited content, including 'About Us,' 'Brands,' 'Manufacturing Progress,' and 'Contact Us' pages. Unfortunately, these pages fail to effectively convey the range of products Loosh Brands offers, and the use of industry jargon poses a significant challenge for new customers who are seeking to understand the brand's offerings.

Solution Summary

Website Redesign

Revamping the existing website to cater to the needs and preferences of a consumer audience, with an emphasis on user-friendliness, product visibility, and educational resources.

    Product Presentation

    Developing new strategies for presenting cannabis products in an informative and approachable manner to make them more accessible and comprehensible to potential consumers.

      Content Creation

      Producing high-quality educational content that addresses common questions and misconceptions about cannabis products, aimed at assisting new consumers in making informed choices.

            Design Progress

            Double Diamond Principle

            The Double Diamond is a design thinking framework that helps teams approach and solve problems systematically. It consists of four stages: Discover, Define, Develop, and Deliver.

            User Persona

            Low Fidelity Wireframes

            Generate low-fidelity wireframes for swift review, ensuring a seamless layout and user flow for optimal customer experience.

            User Story

            Design OutCOME


            A/B testing - iteration version

            After creating the current design by showing "Circle shape", we find that it is great to show different ingredients in different colors and size.

            After creating the current design by showing "Circle shape", we find that it is great to show different ingredients in different colors and size.

            However, people are not familiar with cannabis may not know how strong is the product.

            Therefore, for the Ingredient presentation, I changed the the presentation method of it and it would be more understandable for by using "bar shape" to present the strangeness of products.

            User can easily understand how strong is the product compare with the bar indicator.

            Project success & outcome

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